Week 6: October 15, 2019 – Data

Readings Due: 

  • Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein. “Chapter 5: The Numbers Don’t Speak for Themselves” Data Feminism MIT Press [with permission from authors]
  • Hadley Wickham. “Tidy Data” Journal of Statistical Software. Volume VV. Issue ii. [PDF in Commons].
  • Gentzkow, Kelly, and Taddy “Text as Data” Journal of Economic Literature 2019, 57(3), 535-574.
  • Leus, Koen. “feminist data studies: using digital methods for ethical, reflexive and situated socio-cultural research.” feminist review. (115) 2017. pages 130-154. [PDF in Commons]
  • Rob Kitchin. ” Conceptualizing Data” from The Data Revolution. London: Sage Publishing, 2014. [PDF in Commons, for students who do not need to complete the Introduction to Python for Data Science, Introduction to Anaconda, or Introduction to working from the Shell lessons.]

Notebook Activity:

  • DataCamp Activities: 
    • Introduction to working from the shell
    • Introduction to Anaconda (short lesson)
    • Intro to Python for Data Science course
    • Importing Data for Python course

Additional Resources: